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How to Build A PVC Fly Rod Case

 It's quick  and easy to cheaply build a PVC Rod Case to store and protect your fly rod between fishing trips.

 Start off with a trip to the hardware store, you'll need to buy a length of PVC pipe (I used 1 1/2" diameter) and some assorted fittings.  The fittings consist of (left to right in the photo) - an unthreaded cap, a threaded adapter, and a threaded cap.  The only tool you'll need is a hacksaw, or some other way to cut the PVC to length.  If you ask nicely, they may even cut it for you at the hardware store.


  You'll need to measure your rod in order to cut the pipe to length

 Once cut, 90%of the work is done.  You can add the fittings.  In most cases, a press fit will do.  If it makes you feel better, you can cement them in place with PVC cement.  I've never had a problem just firmly seating them without the use of any adhesive.

 There are several different options for what threaded cap to use, these are the two caps I like best.  Playing with these components is like playing with tinker toys. There will be bin after bin of components at the hardware store.  Look until you find something you like, and be sure to test fit everything at the store.

 Each cap gives a slightly different look


 Total project cost, less than $5, total assembly time, less than 10 minutes.  Satisfaction of knowing your rod is safe and secure - Priceless.