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Fountainhead Fly Fishing Furled Leaders and Tenkara Lines

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Furled Leaders

Please note that leaders below are designed for use with reeled rods and can be ordered in one of two different configurations.  The best, all-around, general purpose leader configuration is the traditional triangular taper.  I also furl leaders in a Weight Forward  (WF) configuration.  The weight forward leaders excel at casting large, wind resistant flies/bugs.  The Weight Forward leaders also work great in tight casting situations. You can easily make a cast with only the leader extended from your rod tip. 

Tenkara Lines

Tenkara Lines are designed to be used in conjuction with a fixed-length line system. 

There is no right or wrong when it comes to tenkara lines, it really comes down to personal preference.  Tenkara fishers tend to be equally divided in their preference between furled and single strand lines.

If you can't decide whether to try a furled tenkara line or a single strand flouro line, try a Combo!  In many respects, it provides the best of both worlds.  It casts like a dream, and provides an extremely delicate presentation.

NOTE:  Lines may be white or black in color, depending on availability of materials

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